original boomerang

Inspiration piece

Back in August, I endeavored to make replicas of this very groovy boomerang table that I found on E-bay. After 3 months of work due to time constraints, financial constraints, set back with finishing issues, birthdays, weekend coverage at work and the holidays, I finally finished my tables.


2015-11-15 15.08.17

Don’t look too closely. To be honest, this picture was taken before I secured the tops. There is still a teeny bit of touch up work around the base of the top tier supports. And I had to go buy feet so the my table could slide on the floor without scratching it. But for the most part, this is the finished product. Times two.

I’m pretty proud of myself for working in this new medium and having the end product come out looking somewhat like the inspiration piece. I should do my work justice and photograph my tables “in situ” next to my living room sofa. But that will have to be for a later post. I have more pressing projects right now. There is a turkey to cook and suitcases to pack.