On a lark, I went on E-bay and was looking up mid-century modern furniture. I saw lots of beautiful and expensive pieces and also some real crap. And then I stumbled upon this little gem:

original boomerang

The description was as follows:

“Offered for sale is a mid century table that I purchased from an estate sale in New Rochelle, New York that was like a time warp of the 1950’s (including the house).  It is in somewhat rough condition and sold as-is with some veneer loss and a couple of crack lines as shown in one of the pictures probably from heat within the house but unsure (it was in the topmost floor of a split level home).  It has great lines and really speaks of the time.  If anything the legs could be unscrewed and used for another piece or it could be painted a funky color etc.   I have never seen one quite like this.  It roughly measures about 29 inches long, about 19 inches wide, and about 24 inches tall.I may be able to ship it if I unscrew the legs but can’t guarantee if it would be able to be re-screwed. Thanks for bidding!”

 And I thought, “What the hell! I’m an artist. I can make this!”

So I drew templates on newspaper, went to the hardware store, bought some pine boards and got to work….