2014-09-01 08.33.37Recently, I left Brooklyn and moved myself and my art studio to North Carolina. I set everything up in the basement of my home, out of the way, so that nothing important would get messed up if I have a spill. At least this will keep the cat out of paint, and his wet paws out of my bed!

The disadvantage to my new space is poor access to water. Unlike a space such as a laundry room or mud room, the basement does not have a nice sink for cleaning brushes and wiping up spills before they dry. The second disadvantage is fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent light shifts everything toward the green spectrum, which is why people look unwell under fluorescent lights. The basement also tends to be cooler than the rest of the house. But I don’t consider that a problem. I can simply wear a sweater and it will also be cooler in the summer.

2014-12-20 16.24.23

There it is! My new work space.