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I had my art opening at Laurentino’s Bakery on September 15th. It was great! About 15 people showed up: lots of friends, coworkers, the coordinator of my critique group, a former patient, people from the neighborhood. But the most amazing surprise was that my professor from college, who lives an hour or two up the Hudson Valley, came into the city for the evening to be there. I was so thrilled and flabbergasted that he showed up; I was not expecting that.

Linda O's openingIn some ways I was unprepared. I did not have a sign-in sheet. I did not have my portfolio of loose drawings available for people to buy. I had no one designated to take pictures!! Luckily, my professor thought to do that for me. Thank you, Bob!

Of the 10 pieces on display, three of them sold! Amazing.

The show will be up in Brooklyn until January 5th or so …
Laurentino’s Bakery
680 5th Ave  (corner of 5th Ave & 20th street)
Brooklyn, NY 11215