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Critique nightFinally, after signing up for a critique group in May, we met this past week. There were 5 of us who arrived, which was a nice number. We were to bring some artwork to discuss, and if needed, assist the artist with solving a problem. Ground rules were set: everyone got a change to present their work and receive respectful and helpful feedback.

16x20 acrylic bridge study

My concern surrounds translating my drawing into a painting. I have plenty of studies of my piece but I am struggling with technical problems due to an unfamiliar medium. Basically, my problem is that I can’t paint – or at least that’s what I tell myself. My logical self knows that painting is simply drawing with a wet medium. I’m simply having difficulty controlling my medium so that I can get the effect that I want. The result is that I tighten up and can’t get to loose flowing effect that I want.

The critique group was helpful. Despite all of us having different skill levels and styles, it was nice to have other people’s input. I wish I had brought my preliminary painting that am using to problem solve so that they could see where I’m struggling. Luckily, they had suggestions for technique, and when they didn’t have answers, pointed me to resources for solutions.

I’ve already followed some of their advice and can’t wait to get back to work. Hopefully we will meet again soon so that we can track each others progress. It would be nice to get help should I get stuck again.