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A funny thing happened on my way toward drawing #50. I got stuck. Many factors are involved in that sticking point, but I’ve had to examine why I stopped just short of my goal before shifting gears into Phase 3.

I’ve mentioned before that the painting commission that I’m working on interrupted my momentum for achieving completion of Phase 2. I’m still working out technical problems in paint that I may not want to explore on a piece that I’m being paid for. And I’m still working through issues regarding the inclusion of color, a challenge that my professor said should keep me occupied for 2 or 3 years!

base coat

composition and base coat

At the left are the canvases with the composition and base coat of color laid in place. This stage constitutes about 3 hours of work. The medium is acrylic and house paint. The brown and the peach are my clients existing color scheme. I added the blue in contrast to the orange tones and because many of the features of the Manhattan Bridge are battle ship blue.

backround inlays

more base coat and background inlays

Have I allowed this commission to distract me from my larger vision of completing 100 pieces? I had planned to finish the foundation pieces of the project before expanding to larger formats in other media. But interest in my work has generated this commission and I don’t want to let anybody down.

Left is the work with additional base coats of paint in blue, along with background shading in place. This will act as the undercoating to the softer urban landscape that will be worked in toward the end of the painting process. The most difficult part, the detail work (or at least I am imagining that will be the difficult part), lays ahead. It is the brush control that I am concerned about. Will I be able to get the effect that I want in acrylic paint that I find so pleasing when working in charcoal? The accidental acquisition of an easel and couple of student canvases will afford me an opportunity to work out the brush control issues in black and white using existing compositions.

One more thought. I still have yet to place a contact portal on this website in the event that anyone wants to contact me or inquire about buying a piece of artwork. Today, I remedy that (see left sidebar). I am facing my fears one step at a time.