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I’m still learning how to use WordPress and figuring out to display things that I want my viewers to see. Widgets where a great, albeit, intimidating discovery. But I want to show my work in such a way that people could see a thumb nail and click on it to view it in a larger format. And “Galleries” has allowed me to do just that: check them out in the sidebar at the left.



This allows me another way to catalog my work, but also have all the work out there for people to access in a quick snapshot. I’ve numbered each work, so that if somebody from Figi, for example, wants to buy a piece of work, they can contact me and say “#36 please.” Of course, that has not happened yet, because I have not provided a way for people to contact me directly except through the comment field. I’m not sure what is holding me back: maybe fear of distraction, as I have mentioned before. I also don’t want to appear mercenary – I’m a horrible salesman: “Don’t buy my work unless you’re absolutely sure that you love it.”

Another issue I have is a lack of a critical art community. It’s great to glow in the feedback of friends who are part of a mutual admiration society. Honestly, in this day of virtual and electronic friendships, I’m a Luddite, out of touch with the way people communicate. So, with the advice of my husband, I looked on “Meet Up” for a critique group in my area. There are a lot of art groups in New York City but after careful consideration, I chose a small group that happens to be in my neighborhood that appear to want the same thing I want. I’m excited and can’t wait to attend my first critique.