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Ever since the first time I showed photos of my drawings to other people, the topic of sales was broached. Maybe it’s superstition, but at the time I could not even entertain the idea of selling any of my work because it felt like counting chickens before they were hatched.

I didn’t even know where to begin to sell my work. But the inquiring party got me thinking: How does one go about selling their work in the digital age? She suggested setting up an Etsy store which would allow me to attain on-line orders. Handling money would be done through PayPal – I’d need to set up an account.

But before I could do that, I needed to decide upon a price. So I went on line and looked up how to price artwork. I found a very helpful site by artist and educator Karen Atkinson. Following her guidance, I went to the US Department of Labor Occupational Labor Statistics to look up the median hourly wage for a fine artist: $22.96. Then I calculated my time and expenses for supplies.

I must take into consideration that, despite many many years since I graduated art school, I’m still considered an unknown artist. This will keep my asking price down which will hopefully drive sales. Atkinson also gives advice about how and when to implement a price increase: “sell half of everything you produce in a six-month time period,” then raise the price 10-25% so long as demand stays high.