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#27 Manhattan Bridge Series: 11×14 charcoal on paper

I been having fun with these drawings, lately. Playing with my favorite medium has yielded some surprising results. These pictures surely imply movement, but not necessarily from a moving train. That’s okay with me though.

At this point, I’m still refamiliarizing myself with use of this medium. Notice the progression of these three drawings and how the handling of the medium becomes more controlled.


#28 Manhattan Bridge series: 11×14 charcoal on paper

Now that I know the bridge pretty well, from my first exploration in pencil, I can begin to play with it a bit. These pictures almost make the bridge look like it’s made of rubber. Maybe this speaks to its history, its flexibility to adapt over time from carrying carriages and trollies to carrying cars and trains.


#30 Manhattan Bridge series: 11×14 charcoal on paper

Maybe this speaks to my own history and how change has pushed and pulled me to bend and become flexible despite the natural tendency to become set in my ways. Maybe all the moving around I’ve done and the career changes I’ve had over my lifetime have left me a little warped! Or has it forged my mettle to make me stronger?