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I’ve concluded Phase 1 of my Manhattan Bridge series and started Phase 2: charcoal drawings. Standing in the aisle of the art store, I forgot that charcoal comes in many styles and hardnesses. My favorite: compressed 3″ sticks. It’s much more difficult to focus upon details when your tools offer a wider stroke. For this reason, I expected that exploration of the theme using charcoal would loosen up my working style. Again, my first attempt:


#26 – Manhattan Bridge series 11×14 charcoal on paper

I find the contrast exciting, but I’m struggling to control the medium in this first drawing. Again, enough is going right with this drawing to encourage me to try another, then another.

In phase 2, I plan not only to continue to create original compositions, such as this one, but explore some of my favorite and “most successful” drawings from Phase 1.