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I decided to draw longer spans of the Manhattan bridge by working across two sheets of paper, creating a diptych. Now, diptychs are traditionally wooden panels hinged together depicting religious themes. But modern day artists have appropriated a more relaxed definition: two images that are meant to be linked together.

Surprisingly, creating a diptych took me longer than if I had just drawn two panels separately. It was a real mental challenge. Ideally, each side should stand alone compositionally. I hope these show up right on people’s browsers.


Here’s #16 and #17


And here’s #18 and #19.

No, the images don’t line up perfectly, and they have other little continuity problems. But I don’t mind. This is the source material for those “happy accidents” I like to mention. Exaggerate those flaws and you’re off running down another rabbit hole of creative adventure. Hello Alice!