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So where am I going with all of this? What are my plans. I view the exploration of this theme as a project. All pieces, so far, on 11×14 acid free paper.

Phase 1: Pencil drawings. This is not my usual medium and I tend to draw tightly when using graphite. I plan to create 25 pieces and then switch medium.

Phase 2: Charcoal drawings. My “Dancing Chair” series was large format drawings (3’x5′) of charcoal on paper. I’ll be interested to see if my drawing style loosens up a bit when I switch to my preferred medium. I plan to create 25 pieces of these as well.

Phase 3: The addition of color. My friend from art school was cleaning out his art supplies and mailed me a care package, inside of which were crayons. I played with them a bit and discovered that when you add water, they act like water colors. However, using graphite over this color medium washed away the graphite. There will be some interesting problems to solve while exploring this medium. I’ll be interested to see how my drawing style changes. The plan: 25 pieces.

Phase 4: Night drawings: white conte’ crayon on black paper. I love working with conte crayon as well. I’m expecting with the addition of color that my drawing style may tighten up again, and that switching to conte’ crayon will loosen it up again. We’ll see – that’s what make exploration of a theme so much fun. Stand back and see what comes out.

Phase 5: May not exist, but if it does, may be a natural progression of Phase 2: block printing. I feel I have a hard time justifying the production of prints unless particular pieces produces a lot of interest from buyers. If more than one person expresses an interest in acquiring a piece, I may then create limited edition prints. However, this kind of thinking feels like I’m putting the cart before the horse, as I have not sold any pieces yet. Selling artwork is a worthy topic for another blog post.

Phase 6: Taking the best pieces and making larger images. Taking commissions from clients and creating installations in their home. This would be the best place to enlarge my diptychs and triptychs (see next post.)