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2014-02-05 13.41.40Several of my drawings of the Manhattan Bridge actually depict something that is recognizable as a bridge, for example, #4 from the Manhattan Bridge series:




2014-03-19 09.11.10

Other drawings show the more decorative aspects of the bridge with the art deco elements of the support tower:





2014-02-27 06.43.15-1But it was this image that made me pause. It made me ask myself, “Is the imagery in this drawing too painful for my audience, especially my New York audience?” It has never been my intention to be insensitive to my viewers. I simply thought that if you looked up and saw the bridge from this perspective, that you’d likely see an airplane. But would you see one this close? Is this airplane too big? I made sure to point it away from the tower of the bridge, and, yet, I immediately began to mentally back-pedal: maybe when I render this again, I’ll put in a flock of geese and bury a tiny airplane in among the birds . . . .