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2014-02-05 14.41.08

#1 Manhattan Bridge Series

Here, finally, is my first drawing in the Manhattan bridge series. It’s an 11″x14″ drawing using graphite on paper.

It’s kinda rough, I’ll admit, but it’s a start. There is enough going right here that it encouraged me to try another, then another. And that’s the point. Work a little every day and eventually you have a body of work.

I’ll admit, I had no idea what I was drawing. After working with these images for a couple of months, I recognize support structures, such as reinforced crossbeams at the top at the top of this image. Here, they are abstracted and unrecognizable – not that it matters. The problems with the drawing are part of what make it interesting. Problems, or “happy accident,”  lead to creative tangents to explore.

As I write this post, I have completed 24 such drawings and I am ready to embark on a media change, exploring this theme using charcoal.