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I ear-marked time off from work, a week in January, to devote to starting the series. But first, I had to do some on-site field work at the bridge. Unfortunately, we’ve had an inordinately dark and stormy January and the last week proved to be no different, except for Monday. The weather called for a day with sun in the mid- to upper-30s. Of course, I didn’t get started as early as I would have liked and the sun started going behind clouds shortly after I arrived at the bridge. From January 27, 2014:

“I walked the Manhattan bridge today – not as early as I’d have liked to walk the east and west sides of the bridge, but I have enough pictures to get started. The cold is what drove me in, as the sun went behind the clouds and the wind picked up. I began to feel such cold in my hands that I started having trouble controlling the buttons on the camera.”

The next morning, on my way to store for art supplies, I brought my camera to take pictures of the bridge from train. This allowed me to capture images more similar to the crossings that inspired the series. I put the camera on “burst mode” which allowed me to take one photo per second. “Burst mode” gave me two options: image priority and speed priority.

2014-01-29 09.12.32-1I got a lot of pictures: lots of trash, because of the camera focused upon the dirt on the windows. But I got a lot of images that I can use, too.