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I faced a logistical challenge in my endeavor to start a new art series. All those stops and starts over the years were due in part to not having an adequate work set-up. Factor in a couple of cats who just can’t stand to be left out of the action, and the frustration of a less than ideal workstation led to abandonment of multiple projects.

ImageShortly after our move to New York, my husband David, found an live model session (Dr. Sketchy’s Burlesque Cabaret!) at a poetry bar in SoHo. For 4 to 5 hours we were performed several warm-up exercises, short sketches and longer drawings. My first attempts were abysmal. Finally, I retreated to the back of the room and stood with my sketchbook and began to see better results. This was an epiphany for me – I need to stand when I work. The ghost of abandoned projects: monoprints of fruit still-life, yearbook pages of watercolor daffodils, and paper collages of landscapes, slid into a gigantic mental trashcan, finally put to rest by the revelation that I had forgotten this aspect of my process.


So, where can I work in a small one bedroom apartment? The coffee table in the bedroom is too low and has a tendency to collect books and the attention of curious cats. The alcove behind the toilet in the bathroom has a nice skylight over it, but would encourage me to sit, which will not work. So why not the kitchen counter, so long as I am diligent about making sure the work surface is spotless every time. Until I need a larger work surface, this will suffice for now.