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It took three years to get this project started. The idea to draw the Manhattan bridge evolved slowly. I didn’t just wake up one day and decide to draw again (though, theoretically, it should be that easy. Once I decided I would begin to draw again, I had to prepare.

I began reviewing abstract expressionism, the influencing movement of my most successful work dubbed “the dancing chair series.” The physicality of creating art is at the heart of the movement. Rather than using the hand or wrist for making the work, for me, using the whole arm, upper quadrant, or, at times, whole body movement necessitates large formats. This may be why I’ve been less than satisfied with the outcome or prior attempts to create art in small format at the kitchen table – “kitchen table art.”

Digging back further in the influences that helped shape Abstract Expressionism, I discovered The Museum of Modern Art has a great page full of works and artist from the German Expressionism movement. This afforded me the luxury of paging though  piece after piece of works from the masters of this movement in the comfort of my own home. Ideally, I would visit the work in person, but what is great for my fellow artists, say in rural Arkansas who want to experience German Expressionism, it is accessible to them through today’s technology.