After 20 years without creating an artistic series, I finally found the impetus to begin working again. It’s not like I haven’t tried to get started over the years, it is just that the process felt like trying to start an old rusted-out truck. The gas (or ideas) were old, sometimes the engine would turn over, only to stall out again and again. The internal pressure to create art with a “capital A,” coupled with anxiety surrounding the potential for disappointment, resulted in an artistic process that just wasn’t fun any more.

But three yeas ago we moved to Brooklyn, New York. I was excited to move here because, for me, it is the center of the American art world. In my mind I would spend weekends visiting museums and galleries, steeping myself in the reeducation of visual vocabulary in the hopes of sparking the creative process. Alas, a recent change in career has consumed all of my energy. Now after three years, I have found a place of relative comfort in the new career and can again attempt to find room for creating art.

And so, it is time to start again . . . .